URX Creates Links that Work Everywhere

For the past year, URX has been working with companies to drive re-engagement for their app with deeplinks. Sending users directly to the content they want to consume, or products they are interested in, simply provides a better and more relevant experience. The amazing results from companies like Threadflip speak for themselves.

Over the past few months, Google, Twitter, and Facebook have all announced support for deeplinks in re-engagement campaigns. Just last week, Google touted AdWords support for deeplinking and said that mobile app content will start appearing in search results. While developers and marketers have just begun to adopt the practice of using these platforms to drive engagement, it is clear that paid ads will be the key to driving engagement for years to come.


But deeplinks should be used for far more than just paid campaigns. The improved user experience that deeplinking provides can lead to a myriad of benefits to developers and marketers. All engagement strategies - from social media, to email campaigns, to cross promotion - should have the ability to give the user the best possible experience for viewing content. Developers should be able to partner with other companies to send users to interesting or useful content within their app, and vice versa. Over time, implementation of deeplinking technology is going to break down the barriers of the mobile app world and enable apps to interact with each other like we are accustomed to on the web.

But the vast majority of developers aren’t fully ready to implement. There are three things you need to do:

Register a URI scheme for your app - this is the first step to implementing deeplinks. iOS and Android have guidelines on how to implement them, and URX has its own open source framework Turnpike that makes this easy.

Map your app’s URI’s to your web URI’s - third parties need to know what your links are in order to send traffic to them. Twitter, Facebook, Google ask developers to add code to your webpages that give them information about your app, and we’ve published documentation to make this process simple.

Have the ability to create smart links - you need to be able to create a single link that routes a user to the best experiences - whether this destination is inside their app, to a mobile site, or to the app download page. Developers can build their own a redirect solution or work with a partner.

Today, we are thrilled to announce omnilinks and an open standard for linking content across media - both of which make it simple to help developers bring deeplinks to their page and give them the ability to drive traffic intelligently.

Omnilinks allows anyone to create a smart link that sends a user to their best possible destination - whether this is in an app or on a mobile site. Any developer whose app is accessible by URIs and whose HTML pages contain URI mappings is ready to go without any setup.

It’s really amazing - try out urx.io/open.spotify.com/user/niinen/playlist/5faTXR7WaEfAPRhApjZVIO from your mobile device. If you have the Spotify app, then you’ll be taken to the playlist. If not, you’ll go to the mobile web. Its not magic, just smart technology. See here for more details and how to get started.

Every business with a mobile app needs to be able to take advantage of deeplinks - those who don’t will be at a severe disadvantage. We took a look at top 200 mobile apps today - only 51 were indexable. Go to URX.com to check whether your website is ready for omnilinks. We have information for those who are new to deeplinks, or who have taken the first step but now need to be indexed. We’ll continue to also push forward helping our clients run engagement campaigns across the web.

We feel passionately that deeplinks are going to fundamentally improve the mobile experience and are committed to helping developers into the new age. To join us on our mission, we are excited to have Rich Wong & Accel Partners, mobile luminaries who invested in AdMob, MoPub, and others, join the URX team. We’re excited to see what the future holds.